What's On




We meet on a Sunday at the church at 11am for a worship meeting that takes the form of a Communion Service, which has an open format, following New Testament principles, with the men taking the leading role, followed with a short Bible teaching session towards the end.

We then meet at 5pm for a short Prayer Meeting prior to our evening service at 6.30pm. The service follows a traditional pattern with hymns and a speaker.

During the week we have a number of meetings:

Mondays at 7pm there is Bible Teaching with a speaker [During the summer months- May to September]


Thursdays at 2.30pm there is a meeting for ladies [See calendar for dates of these meetings]

On  Fridays, when we have not had a meeting on a Monday for Bible Teaching, we have a Bible Study in the afternoon at 3pm which is held at a house and is much more informal.[This is usually during the winter months- October to April]

The venues and information about all the meetings will be found on the church calendar.