In Isolation Thoughts 2


In our first look at the Psalm, we saw that David was 'Secure in his Faith', he had absolute trust in the Lord his God. So we now look at the second half of the Psalm v 14-24: His Response to Faith.

The key verse comes at the end of the Psalm, it summarises the earlier statements- v 24:BE STRONG AND TAKE HEART, ALL YOU WHO HOPE IN THE LORD.

In troubled times it is necessary to have some basis for the future, we must not give up and have a frame of mind that suggests we can do nothing about the situation. There is always something we can do, the simplest action is to PRAY! In past difficult days, there have been calls for national days of prayer, so why not now. We can pray to an Almighty Powerful God, who is the creator of the world, the creator of mankind and the Saviour for each individual. [Watch out for the Easter Messages of hope in the death and resurrection of Jesus]

What are the main supports in the structure of faith in God?

  • It is a personal relationship with God
  • Our lives are in His control
  • God is aware of our situation
  • He responds to our call to Him
  • He has unfailing love for us and His face is always toward us
  • He has unlimited blessings for those who trust Him
  • He is a shelter for us from outside forces and situations, a place of refuge that we can turn to at any time
  • He has revealed Himself to us, His love is evidenced in Christ
  • We can feel or experiece loneliness, but He is always there to provide comfort
  • He calls on us to reciprocate His love to us and stand firm and be faithful

In the end, all this is summarised in the final verse, it calls us  to do three things:

  1. Be strong- when we feel weak, we turn to God for strength
  2. Take heart or Trust- there is always His presence to respond to us
  3. Have Hope- we must not give up, we need to endure.

Remember, God is still on the throne !



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