In Isolation Thoughts 2

Hymn: The Comforter has come

Bible Reading: Acts 2. 1-13

Meeting, Moved and Mocked

In an upper room meeting in unity, the Bible says they were all together. At last the Disciples were doing what they were told! How often do we read that they questioned what the Lord told them to do, usually they did it in the end? They cast nets on the other side, Peter walked to Jesus on Galilee, and they eventually believed He had risen form the dead. Jesus had ascended back into heaven and told them to wait! Waiting was not in their nature but this day they met to continue to wait. Did they discuss the nature of the gift that had been promised? If that had been today and they were children, they would have been feeling the packet and trying to guess what was in it! They had no clue as to what this gift was, it was a promised power, it would show them all about Jesus and enable them to be witnesses. For now, they were huddled together in a room, just wondering!

The room rocked and shook, an earthquake! No, it was only that room, not the rest of the city. They were shaken, apprehensive and fearful as the shaking became a wind which seemed to fill the whole house. This was getting worse, shaking building and strong wind, all which seemed extremely localised! Then it seemed they were on fire, tongues of fire appeared on each of them. How would you have reacted? Tried to get out, looked for a place of safety, hidden under the table? They sat there in amazement as they felt a power come into each of them. This was the Holy Spirit, the gift they had been told to wait to receive. They rushed out into the streets, surrounded by all the visitors who had come to Jerusalem for the feasts. This was Shavout, the feast 50 days after Passover. Pentecost, the Greek is Pentēkostē, meaning 50th, has become the name given to this event by the Christian church.


What had been a private meeting suddenly became an open-air mission. Even more amazing was the fact that the Disciples were able to speak to the crowds in their native languages, fishermen with Galilean accents, usually gruff working men could address the crowds with great intelligence! Fifteen language groups are mentioned in the verses. From hiding in fear to speaking out boldly, gone were the denials remembered from the trial of Jesus, now they stood up and spoke up.

In such a situation there must be a reaction, there was amazement, confusion, doubt and even mocking, suggesting they were drunk! Peter refutes the suggestion and preaches his first public sermon.

Does Pentecost have a challenge to us? Of course, it does!

We need to know God’s Power, God’s Presence and God’s Purpose. The Holy Spirit is given to all who believe in Jesus! The Spirit enable us to fearlessly witness for Christ. We live in a foreign land, singing the songs of the Lord. We live in a world that refuses to accept views contrary to popular dogma, the Bible is rejected with all its truth. We live in Hope, the Holy Spirit has not left us.


Hymn: Let the fire fall

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