In Isolation Thoughts 2

Hymn: When we walk with the Lord

Bible Reading: Acts 10. 1-10

I am the Door

What is the purpose of a door? Depends on which side of it you are, on one side it will keep you in and on the other side keep you out. It is a separator, a defender, a protector and an obstacle.

Who uses the door? In this discourse Jesus gives a clear comment that the person who uses the door has a legitimate reason for entry. The one who is responsible for those within the confines of the area protected by the door. On this occasion, He uses the picture of sheep. They are within the fold and protected by the door. To understand this picture, you need to consider the custom and practice of that day. The sheep would be herded into an enclosure made with stones or bushes, there was only one opening and the shepherd would sleep in that doorway. This gives us the statement that ‘I am the door’ or I am the gate! Jesus was saying that He is the final protector and the only access to the fold, to eternal life.

Who doesn’t use the door? Someone with unlawful intent. He is described as a thief and a robber, someone with no right to enter, whose purpose is to cause problems and one who has a motive of personal gain to the detriment of the owner.

What benefits come from the door? The idea that Jesus was giving was initially of ownership, those within the confines limited by the door are His. It is a personal relationship; He know them by name, and they recognise His voice. The group are all held together and are ready to move at the voice command. The owner leads them, they know Him, and they follow. They will not follow a stranger because they do not recognise him or his voice.

All this is very interesting and gives some understanding to the ways of sheep and a shepherd, but Jesus was not giving a farming talk or practical guidance for shepherd’s manual. He was talking about life and people. As usual, the Pharisees did not understand His teaching ministry, they were so concerned about their own image and rules that they were blind to what was being taught. So, Jesus makes it plain, He was talking about Himself and relationship with God. He again uses the personal name of God, ‘I AM’, this would have a serious impact for His hearers, once again He was claiming to be God. All of these seven ‘I am’ sayings show an aspect of God and His desire to be in close fellowship with His creation, man. Jesus makes this claim of being the DOOR, the only means of access to God. He refutes the claims of those who previously claimed to be the Messiah, He likens them to the intruders who come with evil intent. They came for personal gain, to lead the people astray. The fact that He is able to come and make His claim shows the reluctance to follow the false leaders, they were still looking for the Messiah. Sadly, He was not recognised as such, especially by the religious leaders of the day. He confirms that those who follow Him will be saved, they will have eternal life and lead a secure existence under His protection. The life He gives is abundant, full life as it is the life that God envisaged at creation. Man was created in His image so that he would have a full relationship, with absolute trust, between God and man. Followers of the false teachers will not have the pleasure given by God, the outcome of following them is death and destruction.

The Door protects, separates but opens the way to new life in Christ. The Billy Graham Museum in America has a record of the history of the great evangelist preacher, but the entrance to the museum is a cross-shaped door. Billy Graham preached the gospel, and many times would have used this ‘I AM’ claim of Christ. Have you entered through the Door, Christ, to have eternal life?


Hymn: Beneath the cross of Jesus

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