In Isolation Thoughts 2

Hymn:       I am Thine O Lord

Bible Reading; Luke 1.26-38

The Promise Confirmed

Last week we looked at the OT promise of a Messiah, we saw the various aspects of the Promise and learned about the One who was to come. We now move on 600 years from that prophecy and see how it was confirmed. We arrive in a town in the northern Galilee area, Nazareth, set in the hills and as we look around, we realise that it is quite a small place, all the normal things are going on, and we do notice a Roman influence. We recall that the country of Israel is under Roman rule, an army of occupation runs the country, the laws are Roman laws enforced quite brutally at times. Luke tells us about an incident in one of the houses, a house where a family lived and there was a daughter Mary who was engaged to be married to Joseph, the local carpenter. As she went about her daily routine it was suddenly disrupted by an angel!

Disturbed Routine

Imagine how you would feel if an angel appeared to you! Not just any angel, but Gabriel, one of the highest angels. This presence disturbed Mary and she was really upset by the greeting she was given: ‘Greetings, you who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you.’ Perhaps we can understand the bit about greetings and the Lord be with you, that appears quite a normal approach when greeting someone, it’s the bit about being highly favoured that certainly caused Mary some problems. No doubt she wondered what was coming next. We are worshipping God in our service this morning, we have taken communion, with bread and wine, do we realise that we too are highly favoured, we have been and still are in God’s presence. Are we concerned? Yes and No! We are in the presence of Almighty God, who is pure and holy, so we should be in fear and awe, at the same time, we have been invited by God to come into His presence through the death of his Son. We have had months of disruption to our routine, not perhaps by a birth, but by a pandemic. Look how Mary’s life was changed following the disruption, it was for the benefit of the whole world, so we too, should use the disruptions of our lives to be used by God.

Direct Revelation

It soon became clear what was the purpose of Gabriel’s visit. It was to inform Mary that she was going to have a child, a son, who was ‘the Son of the Most High.’ Think back to Isaiah 9, the attributes of the Messiah, the Christ, the Deliverer. Now what is told to Mary about this Son:

  • Her Relationship is of favour in the sight of God
  • She will have a son, His name is to be Jesus, which means Saviour
  • He is the Son of God
  • He will be of Kingly descent, from David
  • He will be the eternal ruler
  • He will have an everlasting kingdom

No doubts here, quite clearly laid out for her; the purpose of the visit was to confirm a 600-year-old prophecy of promise. It was going to be fulfilled, God had been planning it from eternity and it would be completed using a virgin from a little northern Galilean town. We are living in the fulfilment of that prophecy today, we can look back and trace the promise, we could wonder how it would be carried out, now we know. A baby was to be born, the Saviour of the world, God’s Son. It must be quite clear to us who Jesus is and why He was born. God has revealed it to us again, the theory has moved into practice. We need to accept this clear revelation from God about Jesus, allow the message of the angel to influence our lives, we know who Jesus is, so pass on the Good News!

Determined Reaction

Our final thoughts look at the reaction of Mary to the message. Her initial response was, ‘How?’, and then, ‘I am not married.’ The response given to her was that it was not a problem for God. He will bring it about; you will have His Son. God will come on you in power. The angel then reminded her about her cousin, Elizabeth, who was going to have a son in her old age, nothing is impossible for God. Then comes the change in her life, the meeting opened in fear and concern, her day had been disrupted, but she ends with a statement of acceptance of God’s will. She agrees that she is a servant of the Lord and willing to be the means of His will and action. When God speaks to us, how do we react? Do we ignore it? Do we walk away? Or do we accept it and see it as a privilege to be part of God’s plan and do all we can to allow it to happen.

Disturbed- let God interrupt our lives for His purpose

Direct- be clear in our witness for Him

Determined- to do His will at all times

Hymn: You lift me up





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