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Sunday 10th May 2020

Music: Google or YouTube- How Great Thou Art

Psalm 71

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame. In your righteousness, rescue me and deliver me; turn your ear to me and save me. Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel.

Hope and Help

As we wait for a pronouncement from the Prime Minister this evening, there is good news, we don’t have to wait to ask God for help and hope for the future. He is always there to respond to our call for assistance. He has promised this many times in the Bible. Ee are told to call and he will hear, to come and we will be welcome. So, however you are feeling today, turn to Him, ask and He will respond.

This was something the Psalmist knew, and it was so real that he wrote it down for us to read, then we can know the same hope and help.

There are some major points to consider in this psalm, they are all based on a relationship with God. He wants us to come to Him and know His blessing. I have picked out three words from this Psalm:

Refuge, Righteousness and Rescue – these give us a picture of who God is and what He will do for and with us.


In these difficult days, we need someone or somewhere to have stability and trust. God promises to be that place or person to whom we can turn. A refuge is a place of shelter, a place of protection and a place of security. The hymn-writer in ‘Rock of Ages’, asks to be sheltered and hidden. This came from the experience of a storm on the hills, near Cheddar Gorge. He found it in a space in the side of the hill, so he could shelter. It is still there today, if you visit that area. God is still there today waiting for your visit. But a shelter or refuge needs to be secure, it must be solid and not easily blown away. Later in the verses we see that our refuge in God is a rock! It doesn’t crumble or fall away, it is eternal. Today we need to go to that place of refuge and trust in God, it is always open and available.



God is a righteous God, so we might feel that we cannot approach Him, we are not welcome. But the Psalmist knows this and still comes to Him. We are always welcome, and He is waiting to welcome each one of us. this is possible because Jesus died for our unrighteousness, our sins. This is what makes us feel uncomfortable in approaching God. We are not worthy of His concern or able to come to Him.  Do not worry, God has made it possible as Jesus took all our sin and if we trust in Him, have faith in Him, then we are able to approach God, and are welcome in His presence.


Finally, we come back to our hope and future. What can we do, how can we get hope? There is nothing that we can do to help ourselves. God has provided a refuge based on a solid rock, so it would be unthinkable if there was no way we could get to that refuge. God has provided the refuge and in doing so has provided a rescue for us in His Son, Jesus. all we have to do is reach out to Him and He will save us. Picture a man fallen overboard from a ship. The lifeboat comes out to him and he says, ‘No, I’ll carryon swimming in the hope I will get to shore. I can’t see it, but I will try to get there!’ How silly, all he has to do is let the crew reach out and pull him onto the lifeboat and they will take him ashore.

God offers us a solid rock refuge; He has made it possible for us to come to Him and He holds out His hand to rescue us. Are we so self-assured that we ignore Him? Reach out today and He will rescue us and place us into His refuge, with the righteousness, or cleanliness that has been provided by Jesus. That is all you have to do.


Now for those who had a go at the quiz last week, I am sure you do not need the answers, but in case you do, here are my answers/


  1.   Adam & Eve- Genesis 2.23
  2. Joseph- Genesis 40.23
  3. David- 1Samuel 20.22
  4. Jonah- Jonah 1.17
  5. Daniel- Daniel 6.16
  6. Passover Lambs- Exodus 12.6
  7. Jeremiah- Jeremiah 38.7
  8. Elijah- 1Kings 17.6
  9. Noah- Genesis 7.16
  10. Esther- Esther 6.4
  11. Lazarus John 11.39
  12. Paul- Acts 28.30
  13. Beneniah- 1Chronicles 11.22
  14. Jesus- Luke 24.12
  15. Prayer- Luke 5.16




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