In Isolation Thoughts 2

Psalm 36


THIS PSALM splits into three sections.

Place of Sin

Power of Salvation

Pursuit of the Wicked

Place of Sin

The identification of sin in the lives of people, comes not from a random thought by any person, it comes directly from God. He raises the matter with David, his heart is troubled by what God is showing him. It is having a direct impact on David’s life and he needs to speak out. Remind ourselves that David is writing this for his personal record of what God is saying to him, which he then shares with others by passing it to the Music Director to use in worship as a challenge hymn. We are also reminded that David sees himself as the servant of the Lord, while others see him as the King of Israel. Where is the sin?

  • It is demonstrated by the wicked, it is clear sinfulness.
  • They are stubborn and complacent, they are unconcerned and have no fear or recognition that their actions are contrary to the will of God.
  • They believe they are untouchable, they are so caught up in themselves that God is not even anywhere in their thinking. They enjoy their sin. Remember how is was described when Moses was a Prince in Egypt, he would not enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season but…
  • Their minds are so corrupt that they fail to act in a wise manner or do good. Life with sin blots out all sensible action.
  • All their time is taken up with their self-centred sinful plans, it is a 24/7 situation. If they are not doing the sin they are planning it.
  • Their life is totally in the pursuance of sin and it has completely controlled their minds that they have lost the ability to do any good things at all.

Power of Salvation

Against this situation, David turns to the Lord. His concern has caused him to consider where this state is leading, how will it be resolved. He turns, not surprisingly to the Lord and considers His attributes and nature. If there is a way forward it must come from God. What does David see in God that will help?

  • His love and its extent, it reaches places and limits that are beyond man’s comprehension, the heavens.
  • His faithfulness, which means His love can be applied to all mankind and all situations, is as true as the skies in its extent. In our times we have begun to understand the complexity and range of the skies way beyond what David could see or imagine.
  • His righteousness is seen as high mountains, the powerful view of their size and majesty. They are solid and unmoveable, they are eternal, so is God’s righteousness.
  • His justice is likened to the impenetrable deep. A change of metaphor, from up to down. The deep or the waters cannot be drained dry, they always seem to be refilled and so is God’s justice, it is never used up.
  • The salvation or preservation of all creation is seen as the act of the hand of God.

What is the effect of the nature of God on His creation? How is it seen in the real world?

  • It is unfailing love experienced by all, even if they do not recognise it as such. It is beyond price, which means it is freely given as mankind could not even begin to buy it.
  • God is a place of refuge, a shelter in the shadow of His wings. A lovely poetic use of words. It gives reassurance of complete safety under the outstretched wings of an almighty God.
  • Not only does God give a place of safety but gives material provision, not bread and water, but an abundance of plenty, a feast in the house of God. The water to drink comes from a river of delights. Not muddy infested water but delightful clean and fully refreshing.
  • God gives life, it flows like a fountain. A picture of continuous supply not just limited to a cup.

David pleads for the continuance of this state, especially to those who acknowledge and worship the Lord. It is not a reward but a blessing that comes freely from the hand of God to those who love and serve God from their hearts.

Pursuit of the Wicked

The final section is David’s reminder to God about where iy all started. His heart was concerned about the rampant sin that could be seen around him in the lives of some people. He wants God to act in preservation and power.

  • Defend me against the attack of the self-centred proud who ignore God as irrelevant. He wants help not to fall into their way, keep me in Your hand.
  • He also recognises that he holds his position by God’s will. However, he also knows that wicked man can come against him, undermine his position and drive him from the throne. You have placed me in this position Lord, keep me there for your purpose and glory.
  • Final judgment on the evil and wicked people, this will be their ultimate end. Their defeat will be total, they cannot recover. A picture in some way of the final judgement as described in Revelation.

From this Psalm we have the promise of God that He does not change. All the attributes that David describes are for us today, we see them in an even fuller way in Christ and all he accomplished on the cross. All He is doing for the church from His heavenly dwelling and the reaction of each person to His call to follow Him. We are sheltered under His wings, held in the hollow of His hand and know His presence through the Holy Spirit. Yet, we too should be troubled by the sin in the world today and be like David and bring it to the attention of God and the people.

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