In Isolation Thoughts 2

Hymn: Love Divine

Bible Reading: John 6. 29-59

I am the Bread of Life

This ‘I am’ statement comes from a dispute with the crowd that were following Jesus wherever he went. In the earlier verses of the chapter, we have a record of the feeding of the 5000. This miracle had caused a stir in the community, and they wanted more free food. They found out that Jesus had crossed the lake, what they did not know was that he had initially walked across the lake to Tiberius. Jesus suggests that their reason for following him was to get more food, they had experienced the miracle, but Jesus points out that food does not last, they would always want more. He moves into the Synagogue at Capernaum to continue the teaching. He tells them to ask for eternal food. Food for eternal life. Totally misunderstanding the crowd demand it, free and lasting, what could be better. Jesus explains, it comes from God and has His approval. He continues to explain that to have this eternal food they do not have to work for it. The response is blunt, what works must we do then to get it?

Bread comes from:

Belief in Christ, the one sent by God

Remember what God did in the wilderness, manna was from God not Moses

Eating will bring satisfaction

All life comes from heaven

Demand comes for this bread

Jesus then states, ‘I am the bread of Life’

Action Required

Come to Jesus and believe.

Coming will fill them, believing will quench their thirst, the very act of coming and believing will totally satisfy them spiritually. Coming is complete, having come it is now an eternal state, they will never be excluded or removed. This is God’s merciful act to a lost mankind.

Authority Confirmed

The use of ‘I am’ is contentious on its own as it is the name given to Moses to identify God. Using it, Jesus is showing that He is God. He has come from God to do His will; His will is that they have eternal salvation. They will stand on the last day, redeemed and confirmed as those who have believed and followed Jesus. God’s will is that none are lost, they will have eternal life at the final resurrection. They have seen all the signs and wonders, so why are they still not believing, this is a mystery, what more can Jesus do to convince them.

Argument Ensued

They cannot believe that the carpenter’s son is being truthful, they know His family, they live with us, so how can He say, ‘He has come from heaven.’ It is ridiculous, but Jesus points them to the OT, Exodus, Nehemiah, Isaiah and the Psalms, where it states that people will be taught by God, so hearing the words of Jesus is the same as hearing the words of God. The words of God confirm the sending of the Son, God calls them to come to the Son who has seen God the Father, no-one else has seen God. Jesus confirms the truth, He has come from the Father and believing in Him will give them eternal life. He restates His title, I am the Bread of Life, eating manna in the wilderness did not bring eternal life, those who ate in the wilderness are all dead, so manna does not give eternal life, or they would all still be alive.

Ambiguity Removed

Jesus is the bread from heaven, it is provided for all who believe and in believing will not die eternally. Jesus goes further in declaring that He is living bread! Living Bread from Heaven! Eat me and live forever! What He means is take me inside you, just like eating bread every day, to be of any benefit you must consume it. They are still confused, did this mean they had to physically eat Jesus? That would be unthinkable, inhuman, and very distasteful. Jesus shocks them even more, they must eat His flesh and drink His blood to obtain eternal life, his flesh is life sustaining and his blood is life refreshing. In doing this, you become part of Jesus, and have the promise of eternal life on the last day, which is a reference to the final judgment of God on all man. God is alive and that means Jesus is alive and believing in Jesus makes them alive. Manna eaters died but Christ eaters will live for ever, they have spiritual new life which is eternal.

All this came from a desire to have more free bread, the deep teaching that Jesus gave them caused upset, was misunderstood, created astonishment but at the same time laid out the foundation of the Gospel. that Jesus is the only true source of life, the only one who can enable us to have eternal life and the only one who is eternal. God has confirmed by signs that Jesus was the Son of God so that only belief and faith in Him will have any eternal effect for each of us.


Hymn: When we walk with the Lord 

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