In Isolation Thoughts 2

Sunday Thought

On the first Sunday after Easter, can we look at the event that occurred in the evening of that first Easter. You need to do two things at this point:

1. Go to ‘YouTube’ and search ‘On the Emmaus Road’ Play either the Gaither Vocal Band or The Steeles version.

2. Turn to Luke 24.13-35


This is quite a well-known incident in the Easter Story. It shows the frame of mind of those who were involved in the events of that weekend. It is quite clear that all the disciples and followers of Jesus had been devastated by what had happened on the Thursday and Friday. The crucifixion of Jesus was not in any way part of what they had expected. We can imagine their elation on Palm Sunday when Jesus rode into the city to the acclamation of the crowd. Perhaps in their minds this was to be the climax of His ministry, Temple worship restored, Roman power removed and the OT promises of the restoration of the nation were to be fulfilled completely. Then it all fell apart, Jesus was arrested, tried, crucified and buried. We note from the conversation of these two going home that they had heard about the resurrection rumours that had been going around, but this was not really possible in their minds. So they decided to go home and that would be it, their hopes dashed.


Think about the account that Luke gives, they were upset despondent and traumatised. Depression had set in as all they could think about was failure, everything had been taken from them, all their hopes dashed by the death of Jesus. Into this scene comes a stranger, well He was to them, but we know it was Jesus. In the current situation in this country and the world, when all our plans and lives have been totally disrupted, are we looking for the stranger to come along side us? We need some comfort as we are restricted in what we are allowed to do. Look around for the one who will come along side us and talk with us. One of the consistent messages in lockdown is the need for people to talk. We are instructed to keep the ‘social distance’ between each of us, not to congregate but still to talk, we use a phone or electronic message to communicate. So in the loneliness and silence turn to the one who is always waiting and willing to come along side of each of us and talk to us. Look for the one who will come close and talk with you, Jesus.


They then had a conversation with Jesus, well perhaps it was more He had a conversation with them. We know from the latter part of the account, that they listened to what Jesus was saying, it was heart-warming, enlightening encouragement. Their hearts burned within them, almost with excitements at what was being said to them. They had heard all this before as it was the OT prophets that were being expounded. However, this time they had the one to whom these prophecies were referring, telling them of their meaning. The promised Messiah was destined to suffer so that deliverance could be freely given to all who believe. Jesus took that which was familiar and explained its deepest meaning. He used the Bible to extend their understanding. If you want to hear what God is saying, read the Bible.


The journey seems to come to an end, they were home in Emmaus, so they offered eastern hospitality to the stranger, they invited him to stay and have a meal and expected him to stay the night. Jesus goes in with them and they all sit down for a simple meal. Then we read that Jesus took the role of the host, He gave thanks to go for the bread and broke it for them to share. In that simple action their eyes were open, they suddenly knew who He was. Perhaps they had been in the Upper Room and heard what Jesus had said about the bread and wine. His action revealed His true identity and in that moment of revelation He left them. They were astounded, they realised they had spent the last two or three hours with Jesus, they had been alone with Him and didn’t realise who He was until that moment when He broke the bread. The dejected two were now the elated, excited two! No longer tired and dragging themselves home to Emmaus, everything had changed when they knew they had been with Jesus.  Without hesitation, they went all the way back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples that they had seen Jesus. Tell others about Jesus.


Summing up, what do we need to do?

Look for Jesus

Read about Jesus

Tell about Jesus.


Then you can be as enlightened and excited as these two, disaster turns to delight, death becomes life and doubt gives way to truth.


God Bless you ALL at this time.

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