In Isolation Thoughts 2



In this Psalm, David faces up to a problem that he realises is in his relationship with God. It is not simply a passing incident where he is out of step with God, but he recognises a much deeper problem, which he calls ‘sin or transgression’ several times in this Psalm. So let’s look at it under the four headings that are suggested above.



  • The initial step is to admit that there is sin which can be dealt with by God
  • Having identified the issue, it is important to depend on the total forgiveness from the Lord
  • The outcome of recognising the issue and dealing with it brings a blessing from the Lord. It is also indicated that this is a universal blessing for anyone who recognises their situation, deals with it and depends on God.



  • Having identified the sin problem, he has two choices, either to ignore it or deal with it.
  • If it is ignored, then it does not go away. It continues to be a problem and can grow, affecting his life in physical and mental aspects. It is a constant and painful experience.
  • It interrupts the normal flow of life, the day and night, suggests that his sleep pattern is disrupted, and he cannot find rest at any time.
  • If, however, he deals with it and places it before the Lord, he does this in a complete and open way, finding forgiveness and rest. Not only the sin was forgiven, but his guilt caused by the sin was also removed, a complete restoration of the relationship with God, he is now at peace.


This action and its result allows him to advise others in the same situation.

  • People of faith have the opportunity to pray about their situation.
  • The Lord is open to their contact, though there is a hint here that this will not always be the case. The ‘while He may be found’ suggests this limit.,
  • Protection from the Lord is described in several metaphors,
    • Safety from the storm implies safety from events that will come in the future
    • A secure hiding place from all that will harm
    • Protection from the troubles that actually exist and could overpower.
    • A song of deliverance suggests that this will be a joyful experience


The final section deals with the response from the Lord to those who have acted in accordance with the advice that has gone before. Advice, which David knows from personal experience, is sound and brings the best results as it is centred on the Lord. Here the Lord responds with positive and almighty promises.

  • Teaching and instruction will come from the Lord. So we must not neglect to read God’s Word- The Bible. It is not just learning but carrying out what is learnt.
  • God’s counsel is eternal, and He is constantly watching over His people. He follows them with His eye, a challenging and sobering thought.
  • He will enable his people to be under His guidance, yet they still have free-will. They are not tied down, they have freedom.
  • The world is a sinful place with many woes, this is true of all times, but especially true today. BUT God surrounds His people with His unfailing love. This is for those who trust the Lord, so it is personal. In the darkest of days, we are assured that His eye is on us and His love surrounds us, there is no failing on His part.

The Psalm began with Blessing and ends with Rejoicing but depends very much on what happens in between. There are essential steps to be taken to experience these two positions. There has to be a recognition of inner sin in our lives, a repentance and laying it before God. Forgiveness will always follow, and wise counsel is necessary. That counsel must come from the Lord and He will speak to each individual, as necessary, from His word. The outcome is a blessing for the soul and a song from the mouth, the outpouring of an inner peace and satisfaction.

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