In Isolation Thoughts 2


Seek and find with deliverance for the servant of God

For once, we have a context for this Psalm. It is linked to the occasion when David feigned madness before Abimelek, so you need to read 1Sam 21 for details of the incident. The other note about this Psalm is that it contains so many encouraging and familiar verses about our relationship with God and his response to us. We need to read, reflect and remember. This means that it is for our use, it is not just poetry and pleasant sounding but has a purpose that is under-pinned by the power of God through the Holy Spirit.

Personal Position v 1-5

In these verses, David repeatedly uses the personal pronoun ‘I’. In doing this he emphasises his personal relationship, experience and trust in the Lord. He also wants others to join with him in his worship of the Lord because He is worthy of their praise. He calls for a unity of spirit in the approach to the Lord. Look at the text and see what he is saying:

  • Exaltation should be continuous at all times voiced so that it is public. There is an openness in his worship, and it is a positive reaction, as it is praise.
  • His experience needs to be shared as he knows God and something of His nature. Even in times of trouble, he is willing to give God the glory for his situation, knowing that deliverance will come. Not only to himself, but to any who are afflicted and willing to call and trust the Lord.
  • He calls for congregational worship, in that, the call is to join with him in the praise of God. It is a united act of worship. This does not mean that individual worship is not allowed, but from the act of individual worship comes the desire to share in the event, as the hymn writer says, ‘O for a thousand tongues to sing…’ David agrees!
  • Any call to the Lord is not ignored, all who call on the Lord will be heard. There is the feeling here that David knows what he is talking about, he has experienced this on many past occasions. He has no doubt that the Lord is present, willing and waiting for the call.
  • He indicates that there is an effect that is apparent from the action, their faces are radiant from the experience. They are not let down or discouraged at the response from God.

Promise of Provision v6-22

Having stated his personal experience, he now moves to indicate the ways in which the Lord may respond to the cry of His people. It is not an exhaustive list or a limit to what God can do, that would be impossible to contain in a written statement. So much, if not all of God’s actions are to be seen and experienced. God did give written instruction, the 10 Commandments, He did send messengers, read the OT, but for His greatest revelation, He sent His Son. One thing we can say about David is that he was a practical down to earth person. He uses examples that are familiar to his hearers, yet at the same time, leaves it open-ended, so that others can develop their own experience of the truth of what he has said. If someone tells you that plate is hot, isn’t your response to touch and try it for yourself?

  • No limit to the actions of the Lord, if you call, He answers.
  • His response is complete, He surrounds, so there is a completeness in His defence for those who ‘fear Him’ or ‘trust Him’.
  • It is a requirement to test and see for yourself, don’t just take my word for it, you need to learn for yourself. The outcome will be a blessing, and a blessing from the Lord is something to be treasured.
  • It is a provision for those who turn to the Lord at all times. At the same time, the people of God need to show that they are the people of God. That His action has had an impact on their lives, which can be seen by others.
  • The Lord gives strength to the weak and weary so that they can continue to strive for Him and be victorious David reminds us that even the strongest animal can tire in the chase, but the Lord renews our strength, continually. His blessing and power are seen in the quality of His dealings with us, they are called ‘good’;
  • Learning can be by example, what God has done for each of us can be replicated over and over. Learn from each other, and from the Lord. Our lives will reflect our dependence upon God. We should shun evil, that is, things that are unpleasing to God. Our lives are a witness to our inner being and will reflect what drives us, the Lord or…!
  • In the final section of this Psalm, we see something of the power of God in action and the Psalmist uses physical examples from the body to indicate the way in which the Lord acts.
    • His eye in on His people
    • His ear is listening for their cry
    • His face will turn in anger on evil doers and eternal judgment will come upon them.
    • He always hears the cry for help, however weak and feeble.
    • His presence is close to all in need, lonely, broken hearted, weak and burdened. No-one is outside of His response; He will come to all. But remember, He knows what is needed before you ask.
    • The sinful will reap the reward of their actions or inaction, they are guilty without any mitigation. They have defied the Almighty and will suffer the consequence.
    • The final word of hope and promise is that all who call on the Lord will be heard and given refuge. This is trusting on the Lord for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

This psalm is so full of words of hope and encouragement, but it calls for a heart changing experience. It is not just head knowledge but a lifesaving operation that enables each of us to live for the Lord, witness for Him and tell others that our experience can be theirs as well.

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